Saturday, August 20, 2016

Finding the Perfect Jail Job

So, you're in the slammer and you need a way to pay for bingo night and toiletries.  I've been there before.  It's tough sitting behind bars and not having an income to pay for the things you want and need.  As your bail bonding agent has explained,  every state, county and city jail provide several opportunities to work while you're in jail. There are so many different positions within a jail it can be downright overwhelming to fit the perfect fit for your skill set.  As a three time convicted felon turned bail bonding agent, I know the ins and outs of interviewing for a jail jobs and how to find the right job for you.  In my three part series, Behind Bars, I'll give you the insider knowledge to get that  dream job behind bars.

Dress to Impress

In jail, you'll be given a jumpsuit to be worn at all times.  However, what jail deputies won't tell you is  you can change into a suit and tie when interviewing for various positions through the prison.  Your bail bondsman should be able to secure a nice suit and shoes the next time he or she visits.  Once you have the suit, keep it nicely pressed and ready to be worn at all times.  You never know when a position in the kitchen, salon or library is going to work out.  If possible, your bail agent will print out daily jail job listings and provide you with a copy by breakfast.  This will help you submit your resume and appy for the job before anyone else.  While most inmates will wear a jumpsuit to the interview, your bail bondsman provided suit will set you apart from the other candidates.

In House Bail Bondsman

This is perhaps one of the best and highest paid positions in the jail.  As an in house bail bonding agent, you will work directly with inmates on the daily basis, helping them get out of jail.  You also have access to a petty cash drawer to help inmates post their bond.  However, it should be noted if you're charged with theft or embezzlement you can not apply to be an in-house bail bonding agent.  To become a bail bondsman, you'll need to study extensively the best practices and principals of the profession.  Study materials can be checked out in the main jail library.  This job pay between $1.50- 3.00 /hr.

Kitchen Crew

Do you love food? Yep. I thought so.  Who doesn't love a juicy steak and baked potato? If you're as passionate about food as I am, then you will fit right in as a member of the jail kitchen crew. This is such an incredible opportunity, perhaps more than a bail bondman, that these positions rarely become available.  If a kitchen position is open, you will be required to complete a three part exam and a hands on kitchen recipe demonstration.  The judges of your dish include a bail bonding agent, the jail superintendent and a corrections officer. If you make it to the kitchen test, you want to go bold.  We're talking spicy tex mex or thai food.  I'm sure you've noticed by now, jail food is a bit on the bland side.  If you want to make the kitchen crew cut, you're going to need to be innovative with your dishes.   You'll also need to pass a kitchen budget questionnaire.  With state budget cuts across the board, you're going to need to know how to turn a can of cream of mushroom into a masterpiece. 

Library Duty with a Bail Bondsman

Another highly coveted job is the lead jail librarian.  As a librarian, you will work along side the in-house bail bonding agent.  Plus, you'll have access to an incredible wealth of information.  All those hours surrounded by books and you'll be able to go to law school once you get out of the slammer.  Inmate's who land a lead librarian job, often go onto to change the world. While this job doesn't pay nearly as much as an in-house bail bonding agent, the experience is truly priceless.

It's clear you have several options when it comes to finding the perfect jail job.   The skills and experience you gain behind bars will better help you adjust to the real world once you are released.  Good luck and please email with any other jail job suggestions!